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Discover The Super Important Key To Why Your Offspring's Alcohol Recovery Hasn't Worked....YET

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Why The Bio-Type is Key

  • Removes: Shame and guilt for family member

  • The Real Truth: Gives you the REAL TRUTH behind drinking

  • Creates: Understanding for the family

  • Without Knowing Which Bio-Type: Recovery is delayed

  • Understand Biology: Biology drives alcohol dependency

  • Repair: Needs bio-chemical repair - NOT Talking Therapy!!

  • Recovery Begins: AFTER bio-chemical Repair

  • Can Prevent: Years of continuing relapses 

  • Foundation: To life-long Recovery - without needing potentially DECADES of relapsing

Discover The Super Important Key To Why Your Offspring's Alcohol Recovery Hasn't Worked....YET

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Jeff Jones

What's the story behind Alcohol Bio Quiz?

Jeff Jones here from Alcohol Bio Quiz with a quick story for you.
A lot of people have asked why we created Alcohol Bio Quiz... what's the story behind all this hard work and dedication?
Of course, we're all about helping you get great results with your journey to life beyond alcohol dependency or addiction. That's our #1 goal!
But our commitment and dedication to help you instantly sets you, your son, daughter or nb's alcohol recovery on the RIGHT PATHWAY and avoid potentially years of repeat relapsing or just never getting into recovery goes deeper than that... much deeper!
So, we wanted to share with you the story behind Alcohol Bio Quiz so you can understand the reason we do what we do and why we care so much about your journey to life beyond alcohol dependency or addiction success.
I grew up in a family with addiction, but not obvious in my family of origin.
At 7,8, and 9 years old, when my mom and dad took my sister and I to visit my Grandpa Earl, I felt my status in the family was elevated. Even as a child, I saw 3 things that were different at Grandpa Earls:
1) I felt that my grandfather showered more love and attention upon me than anyone in my life.
2) I saw my mother off to the side of the room being quiet. My dad was comforting and nurturing her – my mom was not one to need or want comforting, and the only time I ever saw this was at my grandfathers.
3) I saw my sister and 3 female cousins get little attention from him.But addiction was obvious in my extended family – my grandfather.
So, in my schooling of becoming a therapist, I learned about “Intergenerational Transmission” (a psychology concept that refers to the socialization and social learning that helps explain the impact from the environment children grow up in).
Once becoming a therapist, I slowly recognized that addiction had two distinctly different aspects. I was left with two big questions:
      • Individual - How do individuals in addiction really get better?
      • Family - How can family protect themselves from addiction?
For nearly two decades, I’ve held these questions.
When I looked at the statistics and the progressing increase of death from addiction, it was obvious our approach to addiction wasn’t working for many individuals and it wasn’t working for many families.
Joan Mathew Larson’s book, “Seven Weeks to Sobriety” shifted my perspective in where to look to best answer the question “How do individuals in addiction get better?”
The Alcohol Bio Quiz comes directly from Joan’s book and identifies one’s primary and secondary underlying genetic and epigenetic underlying factors.
If you believe that healing underlying drivers of addiction in the recovery process is necessary for best long-term results, you’ll want to see how I can support your (and/or your loved one’s) long-term healing.
So, that's the story behind Alcohol Bio Quiz :-)
As you can see, what we do and why we care about you and your results goes way deeper than just "journey to life beyond alcohol dependency or addiction."
Talk soon :-)
Jeff Jones
Nutritional Recovery Life Coach


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